Thursday, March 08, 2007

Doug Flicker gets a new kitchen

As reported in this morning's Star Tribune, Doug Flicker will be the new head chef at Mission American Kitchen, the posh restaurant that took over the Aquavit space in the IDS Center.

Hambone and Spice are huge FOFs—fans of Flicker. Earlier this year, Flicker announced that he would, after almost 10 years in business, close his restaurant Auriga, which I found devastating. H&S were a little late to the Auriga dance, but when we arrived, we couldn't get enough. Some of my recent favorite meals were eaten here, and we looked forward to more of Flicker's innovative cooking featuring high-quality ingredients. I ate my first Kumamoto oysters here, which were a revelation, and had an outstanding pear dessert that serves as a standard-bearer of what a good dessert should be.